Excellentia Training Solutions was established in 2012. We pride ourselves
in our inflexible belief in excellence in all that we do. By emphasizing on excellence in all aspects, we seek to generate unmatched value to our dear customers. In our bid to offer our customers exceptional service, we invest a lot of resources in understanding our customers and finding ways of exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Being an upcoming consulting firm in financial services, we had to create a team with a wealth of expertise that varies from administration, marketing, insurance, finance, risk management and education. Next to our customers, the most valuable resource is our team of experts that serves as the driving force behind our ability to excel. The team is exposed to regular in-house training that aligns their skills to the company provision to our customers.

The company is 100% black owned and is Level 1 rated for BBBEE.

At the heart of our provision is our flexibility and ability to customize all our provisions. We at Excellentia recognize that no two organizations are the same and therefore a one-size-fits-all approach will leave out some customer needs unsatisfied. Cognizant of the cost constraints of the customer our offering strives to meet our customers’ budgets.

We are a proudly African company that seeks to provide globally benchmarked solutions in risk management, finance, investments, and insurance. We strive for excellence through understanding our customers’ needs and responding accordingly. Our team of experts will provide you with unmatched value based on their expertise, experience, and educational and professional qualifications.


To provide unmatched world-class training and skills development solutions in insurance, risk management and finance to our valued customers in Africa and beyond


Excellentia commits to invest in its team of experts to provide value adding insurance, risk management and finance training and skills development solutions that are tailor-made meet the needs of our most valued clients in Africa and beyond. Our customer service will be exceptional, and we will strive to exceed the expectations of our customers


Excellence // Customer Centeredness  // Life-long Learning  // Legacy // Respect // Team Work // Innovation


To offer customised training solutions // To promote lifelong learning through provision of value-adding programmes // To put our customers first in everything we do.



Corporate, Investments, Modelling, Engineering, Project Finance


Risk Financing, BC, OHS, Regulation, Compliance & Governance.


Insurance, Risk Management,Finance, Regulatory and Banking


We are accredited by the Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority (INSETA)